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by Terry Lee Brussel, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Creator of the Seven Keys to Self Actualization and
Director of Success Center, Inc.
(in practice since 1969)

How to Achieve Success Through Self Hypnosis and COACHING

Self-hypnosis has proven to be an effective tool for resolving problems such as overeating, smoking, low self confidence, learning difficulties and poverty consciousness. For the last thirty?five years, I’ve used THE SEVEN KEYS TO SELF-ACTUALIZATION. While continuing the valid use of self-hypnosis in challenge resolution, this system also encourages self-discovery, expansion of personal boundaries and the learning of new skills through both the conscious and sub conscious minds. It is a systematic program of business and personal growth through hypnosis and life coaching, crafted to enable you to achieve your Highest potential in every area of your life. Below are the sort of exercises a coach might give you.

Brainstorm goal setting: SUCCESS COACHING
Think for a moment of some of your fondest dreams,becoming a real success in the career of your choice, perhaps modeling yourself on those who have created success in your field. If you are in your own business, imagine making your business the kind of success you dreamed of when you first started or the kind of success you have seen in similar businesses. If you have not yet chosen a career, you might imagine finishing your degree, educational goals, owning a business, becoming president of a successful company, starting a program to have a positive impact on your community.

Leave nothing off this first list, no matter how improbable it seems at the moment. Whether your dream is passing the million dollar point in gross sales this year or winning an Oscar, write it down. The possibilities are endless. Each of these goals can be accomplished directly or indirectly through the will to learn. The author has created an audio CD titled The Will to Learn available at author’s web site. This, along with the determination to use your knowledge to make your goals a reality, is the greatest gift of all. It can be imbedded into your subconscious mind through self hypnosis.

Be specific: FOCUS
To be effective, this desire to learn must be channeled,geared towards your specific needs rather then the gluttonous devouring of a library. In order to channel your hunger for knowledge, make a list of everything you want. Be specific. Don’t write “lots of money,” write a dollar amount. Don’t write that you want to own a boat, write the kind of boat and how big you want it. You wouldn’t take a cruise with a captain who announced he was going… “Somewhere.” How much more important is your life than some brief trip, and yet your destinations have probably been quite hazy most of the time.

Be thorough.

Drawing a sketch or finding a picture of each goal would be helpful. If a goal is not something you can picture, ask yourself “Is it abstract, or is it just too vague?” A goal must be concrete and specify a date for accomplishment if it is to leave the dream category and move into reality. Write down dates for specific action-steps for each goal, by month and year.

Decide first how time-consuming each goal will be. Is becoming a doctor worth eight years of graduate and medical school, and the accompanying huge debt? If not, cross it off. Be sure you have thought out what each goal will require of you before committing yourself to it. If you are not sure what is involved in completing a goal on your list, research it. The action-steps for accomplishing each goal must be specific enough to go in your appointment calendar and if you don”t have an appointment calendar, get one now.

You must have an evidence procedure for knowing when each action-step and the goal itself have been accomplished. Will you see a balance of $50,000 dollars in your savings account? Will you receive the keys to your new home? Will you step on a ship for a cruise around the world with someone you love? Acknowledge and delight in the accomplished goal so you can build on that success to reach new goals. You want to own your own business. What kind of business? Will establishing it require book learning, experience, money, all three? How will you get these? Inquire into the steps used by somebody who already accomplished this particular goal. Get that information from biographies, autobiographies or, best yet, an interview with the person himself.

You can and will learn to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goals. Take as much time as necessary for making the list, researching it, and modifying it. Include only those items you are positive you want and are willing to strive for.

Now put your goals into your subconscious mind:


It can be done through audio CDs such as my “ABUNDANCE YOUR MONEY AND MORE MAGNET” (which can be down loaded free of charge at, by a hypnotist (live or by phone), or on your own. You can relax from head to toe while breathing deeply and regularly. Then give yourself the suggestions:

I enjoy setting goals, creating action steps to accomplish those goals, reviewing and updating the goals and action steps regularly, celebrating the accomplishment of my goals and setting new ones. I enjoy learning what I need to know to make my goals a reality. It feels good to learn, it feels good to use the knowledge to accomplish my goals. Inset goals for success and joy in every area of my life–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual as well as material and financial. I make time for success and time to relax and enjoy that success. The word success refers to reaching the goals I have set in every area of your life as I build financial and material wealth, mental excellence and greater use of your whole brain… Emotional balance and joyous, fulfilling relationships… Physical health and fitness…Spiritual growth and an ever deeper consciousness of my oneness with the universal force as I conceive it to be. I draw from this force strength, wisdom, power, energy and abundance. I feel a profound sense of gratitude for the abundance flowing into your life and for the opportunity to serve others with the best that is in you. Learn now to live life to the fullest, enjoying and delighting in every part of it. My goals are in complete alignment with my values and my highest vision of the person I am becoming. I move towards the accomplishment of my goals with a feeling of rightness, meaning and purpose in my life.”

Here’s to your success!

Terry Lee Brussel is a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the American Council of Hypnotists” Examiners. She created THE SEVEN KEYS TO SELF-ACTUALIZATION, which enables her students and clients to achieve their HIGHEST potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This system is available through books, recordings and through private sessions (by phone or in person) with Terry and other Success Center, Inc. associates she has trained.



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