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The Diamond Key Continued

Many students have started on the road to school and job mediocrity or worse based on their reaction to a thoughtless word. Through hypnotic regression, each such incident can be relived in a positive way. The negative evaluation of an authority figure –teacher, parent, etc. is transformed from a prophesy of failure which our acceptance makes a reality into a challenge to succeed. Time and again the regression reveals a single negative experience which triggered all the rest. We rewrite each one of them through the years until the transformation becomes automatic and your self-image shines forth with the joy of expected, achieved, success.

Ken, a salesman, learned to be a dynamic closer. He would see a customer’s need, determine whether his product would best fit that need, and, if so, radiate his intense belief in the need for his product so strongly that the customer would believe it too, and BUY. We also changed cold calls from a dreaded task to an exciting challenge he could look forward to and do more effectively than ever before. His commissions tripled in the period of a year.

Failure is stressful and draining. The salesman who loses a deal by radiating nervousness and using poor communication techniques uses up more energy than does the positive person whose enthusiasm for his product is so contagious that his customer can’t wait to buy it. Let go of failure images. Even if failure happens, use it as a learning experience.

Other Diamond Key sessions are aimed at the development of specific techniques for accomplishing each client’s individual goals or those of the particular group being addressed. Time management, goal setting, goal manifestation and Neuro Linguistic Programming are among the skills covered.

NLP is one of the most effective tools for communicating in both business and personal life. It enables you to speak to another person in the exact same language he or she is thinking in — audio, visual or kinesthetic. The other person will feel comfortable and at ease with you. You will truly understand his or her particular needs and how to meet them better than anyone else who is competing for his or her business (or any other kind of attention).

NLP allows you to read whether he or she is ready to buy from you (accept your suggestions, go to dinner with you, etc.), whether more persuasion is needed, and what kind of persuasion. NLP can be learned from such masters as Bandler and Grinder (authors of books like Frogs into Princes), Anthony Robbins and Kerry Johnson on tape (call 818-366-7500 for info and mention SUCCESS CENTER for a discount) or in live seminars. Such seminars are also available at SUCCESS CENTER.

Where hypnosis comes in, is by allowing you to integrate this wealth of communication material directly into your subconscious mind (your child mind through age regression) so you can use it as smoothly and effectively as an NLP master. More on this in the SUCCESS SELF HYPNOSIS book included in HYPNOSIS FOR SUCCESS CD SET.