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The Copper Key Continued

Any other kind of “forgetting” is merely the burying of information on some level of mind not reachable in an ordinary conscious state. Through hypnosis you can program your subconscious computer to automatically make such information available at conscious need: names, faces, history lessons, teacher’s lectures or yesterday’s market quotes will appear clearly and accurately whenever your client feels the need. Have you ever felt the frustration of trying to recall something you really needed and could almost get at? These techniques can almost completely eliminate that problem and its accompanying stress.

This KEY will enable you to develop a photographic memory — for pictures, places you have been and/or the printed word. Imagine being able to mentally photograph a Cliff Notes type outline of the important points of a class lecture, sales presentation or other speech … anything you need to be more successful at work, hobbies, etc. Exact quotes and formulas can be recalled with equal ease — especially important in such fields as acting and science.

The ability to record and accurately play back in your mind anything from a lecture to a symphony is also available through this KEY.

Mental data correlation — the ability to use the information you gather and are trained to remember is also an integral part of the techniques presented here.

The COPPER KEY can be used for memory and test taking excellence of all kinds. It starts with four basic techniques.

Speed Reading and Mental Data Correlation: Test your reading speed before starting your self hypnosis. An easy way to do this is to set a timer for 1 minute, read at your normal speed, count the first three lines, divide by three, then multiply by the number of lines you read. That is your present “Words per Minute” count. This technique will double it while increasing both memory and comprehension.

AUTOMATIC INFORMATION RECALL — This, the first skill covered in Copper, involves creating a bridge between your conscious and subconscious minds. You will be able to access the ESSENCE of everything you’ve ever seen, read, heard or experienced. You install an automatic information retrieval system through which the correct card pops up, slides over the bridge and into consciousness each time you need to know something. The suggestions usually given here are “I hear the question and the answer comes. I read the question and the answer comes. I need to know and I do know.” These can be altered to whatever is appropriate to your specific memory needs. Some examples are: “I hear my cue and I know my lines.” (for actors) “I see the musical score and know my part” (for musicians) “I see the face and I know the name. I hear the name and can see the face.”,for the names and faces memory most of us probably need.

SPEED READING — The main point of this section is that the words you read flow over the bridge into the subconscious mind, correlating with other information already there. The old information helps you to understand the new while the new information brings new light on the old — a CONTINUOUS process is what we are installing here. Increasing understanding and recall WHILE increasing speed is achieved by the suggestion that “The faster you read the more you remember, the faster you read the more you understand.” You can support this logically. We NATURALLY grasp more than a word at a time — we glance for a few seconds at a room and can close our eyes and remember MANY things about that room — furniture, whether it was neat or cluttered, what kind of room it was, etc. Imagine someone saying We — are — made — to — take — in — more — than — one — word — at — time. Very hard to follow. It’s much more natural for us to think quickly than slowly.

Suggest that you read HALF a line at a time rather than a full line. This is important because your eyes can naturally do that. Your success rate will be much higher than trying for a full line. Later, as you increase your reading speed, your eyes will still take in half a line at a time but will move faster. Some speed reading courses recommend picking up only key words and skipping others. I’m not clear on how you can be certain a word isn’t important to meaning or shades of meaning if you don’t see it. Shades of meaning are important in anything from fiction to philosophy. Certainly in scientific reading skipping anything could completely change its meaning. Some of my clients who have taken speed reading courses don’t believe the techniques are useful for detailed technical reading. My methods work equally well for romance novels and engineering texts.

PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY — Now visualize a room you are familiar with, one you are less familiar with, and one you have seen only once. Imagine each of these in as complete detail as you can. This begins the development of a photographic memory by starting with something you already know how to do before moving into something you haven’t done yet. It is important here to stress the progressive ease with which you can do these visualizations being based on having PRACTICED THE TECHNIQUE rather than on how many times you have seen the object you are visualizing. The ultimate goal is for you to have exact recall of a printed page or a book you have only briefly glanced at. This is classic photographic memory.

PHONOGRAPHIC MEMORY (RECORDING SOUND) — Developing a phonographic memory is similar to developing a photographic one except that here a tape recorder analogy is used rather than the camera, tape rather than picture files, and you must hear the words (or numbers) rather than seeing them. The object here is to be able to easily, accurately, play back in your mind anything from a teacher’s lecture to a symphony.

Other Options of this Key are remembering names and faces, recording songs or instrumental music (generally for purposes of reproducing them), and instilling instant math intuition.

Regressions for comfort with technology, math, or any other subject of study you are afraid of or awkward with can done with professional assistance. Skill development can be done by inviting an appropriate teacher into your Bronze 2 room to answer questions about any subject you want to improve in.

The Copper Key, whether you learn it through individual sessions with a Success Center, Inc. hypnotherapist (by phone or in person) or through a Success Center, Inc. booklet and hypnotic recording will make a big difference in passing exams and in any area of your life requiring improved memory.