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The Silver Key Continued

Speaking and writing are the most frequently requested options to this Key.

Problem Solving is another commonly requested option though it is not usually associated with being in the same category as artistic forms of creativity and requires as much inspiration as does writing a novel or creating a great sculpture from clay. A similar format may be used for this, though the imagined setting is more likely to be a business office or laboratory rather than an artist’s studio.The Silver Key can be geared towards improving the student’s ability to write a creative essay or speech. It can instill a habit pattern of creative expression rather than nervous fidgeting or physical distress.

Naturally, many people take this key simply to improve their abilities in the creative pursuit of their choice, rather than because of any block. The sessions are geared to the needs and abilities of the individual, whether that be someone with the talent of a Mozart or the child just learning to play the piano.

Creativity exercises included here involve inviting into the client’s mind a person whose creative works they admire. Da Vinci can be asked to SHOW how he created the Mona Lisa, Brahms to compose on a piano in the room with your client watching and listening. Fred Astaire can give him lessons in dance or choreography. Imagination or Metaphysics? Either way, it works.

Options are available to enhance the abilities of actors, directors, speakers, singers, artists, interior decorators, etc. Specific sets of sessions have been developed for each of these and many others.