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The Bronze Key Continued

​This key consists of four sessions. Each of the Bronze sessions imparts basic skills which not only assist you in dealing with memory enhancement, but also act as tools for moving beyond the need category and into self actualization. These tools will be useful permanently in your life as self-hypnosis becomes a regular part of your personal growth regimen.

Self-hypnosis may be used for both relaxation and to enter a state of greater suggestibility to yourself. This state can be used to accomplish almost anything a hypnotist could do, once you learn the techniques needed to accomplish each goal. These techniques are best learned in private sessions customized to your individual needs with a professional hypnotherapist. Group sessions, recordings, or a good book on the subject (in that order) come next.

The purpose of these Bronze techniques is to help you learn better control of your environment, simplify decision-making processes and take control of your own emotions. You will learn to really enjoy your studies, remember the essence of what you read and hear, and take tests in a relaxed, effective way. By developing the WILL TO LEARN (a hunger for knowledge as strong in your mind as the hunger for food is in your body), you will have acquired a method of gaining for yourself anything that can be taught — how to be a carpenter, actor, doctor, lawyer, how to make a million dollars, be a better mother, have vibrant health, long life and whatever else you desire. All these things can be learned from books, recordings, seminars, and personal instruction.

Environmental control is achieved in part by vividly imagining your ideal room, the room which represents the life-style you wish to lead, suggesting that you will do everything in your power –mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to make it a reality. The room, of course, will change over time as your goals change. The same techniques can be applied to any life goal by envisioning the desired reality on a screen in your room and drawing it into your life. This session also includes a technique for bring people into your room … people you have unfinished emotional business with (who may or may not have passed on) and people who you can learn from. Anyone you’ve ever seen, heard of or read about, anyone in history is available to you in this way. Perhaps you are merely calling forth your own subconscious representation of these people and drawing on knowledge you didn’t realize you had. Perhaps the explanation is more metaphysical. Either way, this technique does get results. It can be used to preview real planned confrontations or discussions for the purpose of handling them more effectively when you actually do them (like asking for a raise or your lady’s hand in marriage) or simply to express emotions needing release (telling your dead mother you love her or your boss to go to hell). It can be used to learn from inner teachers and guides or from such people as Einstein and Lincoln. Napoleon Hill (author of Think and Grow Rich) made extensive use of this application, actually consulting with a whole round table of geniuses/specialists living and dead concerning his major decisions and researches.

An eleven-year-old client of mine was having trouble with math and getting D’s. He invited Einstein into his room to assist him with his homework. Suddenly he was not only getting A’s, but explaining the theory of relativity to his 5th grade teacher…

Your Ideal Room is also useful as a motivator to encourage you to study so you can have what you have envisioned. To use it that way, suggest that each time you visit that room in your mind you desire more and more to do what is necessary to make it a reality.

The Bronze teaches you to make personally satisfying decisions, by determining if there is a conflict between your conscious and subconscious (hidden, deeper) desires, resolving that conflict, and allowing your complete mind to move in one direction. Take a moment and press your palms together. Press hard. Getting anywhere? No? Right. And it’s taking quite a bit of effort to do it. That’s frustrating and nothing is more negatively stressful than frustration. The same thing happens when you try to study because you know you have a test tomorrow, and your gaze keeps drifting out the window. You consciously want to pass the test, while subconsciously wanting to go to the beach. You accomplish neither. Through ideomotor response, you find out if such a conflict exists between your conscious and subconscious minds & resolve that conflict so that both minds move in one direction.

Finally, emotional awareness, control, and expression are the ultimate answers to stress. Induce each emotion (sadness, happiness, anger, love, fear, and security), by remembering a time when you felt it or imagining an event which would cause you to feel it. Notice whether each one causes you to feel physically heavy or light, warm or cool, relaxed or tense, your heart beat fast or slow. Are your thoughts clear or not clear, fast or slow? How are you breathing? What is your posture while feeling this emotion? What else do you notice? By analyzing its physical and mental effects we realize that all emotions come from within us. Outside events have no direct effect upon us. The same event can sometimes cause sadness, other times anger or resignation. We CHOOSE our reactions to outside events.

You can alter an emotion by neutralizing each physical and mental symptom one by one. You can change it to another, more useful emotion by changing specific symptoms of the unwanted emotion to those of the wanted emotion. Use this to help you learn to use your emotions to understand yourself better. Even negative emotions can be expressed and used productively. Tears can really let out pain and sadness. Words or actions can be designed to express anger in the most effective way possible for changing the problem which caused it. It is possible to eliminate unproductive stress and negative reactions of all kinds from any emotion, while enhancing your ability to experience and express such positive emotions as love and joy