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The Gold Key Continued

I love the reaction that gets from nurses trying to take my blood pressure! The Gold Key enables the client to bring previously autonomic bodily functions under conscious control. All physical effects of stress fall into this category and can be eliminated in this way.

One technique for achieving physical awareness and control is to take a “fantastic voyage” through your own body mentally and determine what changes must be made and how to accomplish them. Physical pain can be completely controlled by hypnotic suggestion. It can also help relieve the stresses of childbirth, giving the mother the ability to eliminate pain while maintaining both consciousness of the experience and capability to cooperate with the doctor or midwife (pushing, etc.).

The athlete can play better than ever before as he relaxes. Whatever the mind imagines, the body will do. One girl came to me for help in releasing her fears of skiing before her boyfriend began teaching her. She envisioned herself skiing beautifully, gracefully. She imagined it so vividly that by the time she got out on the slopes with her boyfriend, she was better than he was!

The most popular use of the Gold Key is in changing the body’s metabolism so as to lose weight more easily. This is done strictly through suggestion with none of the dangerous drugs sometimes used by desperate dieters. The body now cooperates with them in weight loss, from making the best use of exercise to appetite control. Hypnotic age regression removes any emotional blocks to weight loss. All regressions at SUCCESS CENTER give the client’s subconscious the option of releasing past life experiences contributing to the present problem, if such experiences exist in their case. Weight difficulties frequently do have a past life basis, particularly when actual obesity exists.

Health and Rejuvenation

This module of the Gold Key incorporates some of the Deepak Chopra materials which postulate that you are not a mind controlling a body made of unthinking flesh, but a fully conscious bodymind which can take command of itself on every level. He also teaches that releasing myths about aging which we have absorbed from the society in which we live can change the way we age. In some societies, people in their eighties continue to climb mountains, work productively, and enjoy an active social life. No one told them they were expected to sit quiet and resigned by the fire, so they didn’t. Many people read about these ideas, believe them consciously, but just can’t quite apply them.

Hypnosis programs such concepts deep into a client’s subconscious mind where it can profoundly affect your health. Another technique is then applied: cell command. This allows us to command the cells of our bodies to return to their original correct coding and imprint which did not include unnecessary negative reactions to aging. I’ve been amazed at how quickly this can show results — vision rapidly clearing, aches and pains which have been with someone for years disappearing in minutes … even post-menopausal women suddenly getting their periods back. That one has happened often enough that I now routinely give suggestions to prevent it since most ladies do not see it as a benefit!

It IS possible to slow down and even to turn back the aging process through the power of your own mind with the tools of Self-Hypnosis and the Seven Keys to Self Actualization.