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The Platinum Key Continued

HELPERS/HEALERS improve your relationships with your clients/patients. Enhance communication, interpersonal and helping skills of all kinds.

Most people take past life regression to explore the unknown, but frequently find that regaining past skills and knowledge has practical value. One student originally came in to improve an inadequate beginning speaker’s style. We worked with increasing his self confidence, enthusiasm, etc. It helped. What surprisingly helped more, however, was the past life regression he took “just for fun” which allowed him to regain the skill he had as a statesman of ancient Greece. From getting a “D” at mid-semester, this student finished with an “A”. He earned a degree of honor in the National Forensic League and is today a successful attorney.

In other cases I’ve used the past life regression specifically for stress reduction, weight control, phobia release, and other difficulties. Negative past life experiences can be treated just as we do those of this life in regular regressions. It works.

It is important to regain past life knowledge and experience before going into other psychic development so as to avoid the necessity to relearn what you merely need to remember. This is why we do it first. Naturally this applies equally to other areas of interest in your life such as the speaking situation above.

Telepathy can be hypnotically enhanced. One method is for the hypnotist to have the client guess which playing cards or specially made shape and color cards he is looking at and record the percentage of right answers (three separate trials would be the scientific way to do this). Next, he induces the hypnotic state and gives suggestions for increased telepathic receptivity. The testing is done again when the client is still under hypnosis and when he awakens.

Astral Projection is a technique for allowing one’s spirit self to leave the physical body and to travel elsewhere both on the physical plane (Earth and other planets) and on other planes or dimensions. This is accomplished through instruction by one’s higher self and spirit guides who can be invited into an inner lab developed in earlier sessions. Your Higher Self can tell you of what use astral projection can be to you at this time for your growth, and Spirit Guides assist you in learning and using the technique itself.

Psychometry is another psychic ability I’ve worked with hypnotically. This is a talent for reading objects belonging to or connected with a person to discover things about them through touching that object. Such experiments as having a client “read” the jewelry of a stranger and tell you accurately their age, marital state, etc. can be done before and after hypnotic enhancement to test progress. It can be even more fascinating to read the object of a loved one and find out things about them you never knew before.

Empathy and psychic healing methods can be hypnotically enhanced. It is currently being used on everything from relieving headaches through the healing touch to learning to perform psychic surgery.

A Doctor’s prescription is required for anything medical.