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by Terry Lee Brussel, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Creator of the Seven Keys to
Self Actualization and Director of Success Center, Inc.
(in practice since 1969)


During the last twelve years, Success Center, Inc. staff have surveyed over 2000 hypnotists at hypnosis conventions, New Age expos and Business Expos. Throughout most of that time our statistics show the average hypnotherapist doing about 4 sessions per client, while our average at Success Center, Inc. during that same time period has been twenty sessions per client.

It costs just as much to bring in a client for four sessions as it would to bring them in for twenty sessions and provide them with a lot more value. Some traditional treatment modalities keep clients coming back for endless therapy. Modern hypnosis techniques allow you to get much quicker results. Unfortunately, the average hypnotist is dealing only with the client”s presenting problem. He is treating his client as though that client is the presenting problem. The client is not his presenting problem. Your client is a magnificent spiritual being capable of blossoming into self-actualization;  physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Success Center, Inc. associates honor that spiritual being who is your client”s true self by offering the opportunity to reach his or her Highest potential.

The Seven Key Turn Key System for building a successful hypnosis practice is based on offering more value to your clients through the life transformation possible through planned multiple session programs. The average hypnotist is doing about 4 sessions per client because he is dealing only with the client’s presenting problem. The same person who came to you to quit smoking or lose weight may also want to increase his income, develop a photographic memory, work with spiritual healing abilities. At Success Center, Inc. we offer a complete line of personal growth and self improvement programs.

It is much more expensive and time consuming to get several new hypnosis clients than to offer the client already in your office the more complete life transformation process he deserves.

The hypnosis client who comes to you to stop smoking cares enough about his own health to do this. He is frequently aware of the difficulties involved in releasing this nasty habit, but he has the courage to commit to doing it anyway. You, if you are the kind of competent and effective hypnotherapist we want in this program, help him to quit relatively painlessly in one to four sessions. If you let him leave it at that, you are doing him a real dis – service — even though you may have just saved his life. You have neglected to effectively introduce him to those other services you offer which could greatly enhance the quality of his life. By filling out a detailed client information sheet, both you and your client may learn that (after quitting smoking or resolving whatever the presenting problem may have been.) he also needs to *Dissolve negative attitudes about aging, *Raise his income, or *Discover his Life Mission.

The Seven Keys to Self-Actualization is a systematic program of personal growth and challenge resolution. Its purpose is to enable your clients to rapidly and effectively resolve presenting challenges and to move beyond them into Self-Actualization. You can do that through INDIVIDUALIZED, MULTIPLE SESSION PACKAGES at Success Center, Inc. we start with the Life Guidance Discovery Session. This two hour in-depth interview and hypnosis session is worth far more to the client than its $250 price tag. It provides him with A WRITTEN ROAD MAP AS INDIVIDUAL AS A THUMB PRINT for getting him from where he is to where he wants to be in areas physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as well as material and financial  Hypnosis sessions, coaching, recordings, books, and professional referrals are all on that road map. The client is given a powerful customized hypnosis session based on his individual road map. This instills in his subconscious mind the clarity of purpose, and the absolute confidence in him self as well as the intense desire and the determination needed to make his goals a reality. This experience could change your client’s life for good!

We help our clients learn to use tools which will increase the quality of their lives, deal with the presenting problem quickly and effectively, then go on to fascinating growth programs Ranging from passing the Bar and earning a six figured income, to athletic excellence, vision enhancement and spiritual growth. Each individual client program is customized to that client”s particular needs and desires and to the unique personality, experience and knowledge of you, the hypnotherapist.

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Terry Lee Brussel, is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been in practice since 1969. She is the Director of Success Center, Inc. in Encino, California. She is also a success coach, keynote speaker, hypnotherapist trainer and author.

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