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About Success Center, Inc.

Use the natural capabilities of your own mind combined with those of your Higher Self to effectively replace limiting behaviors with those attitudes and actions that promote growth and success.

Work with a talented and intuitive Hypnotherapist to help focus your own inner power.

This dynamic process uses self-hypnosis within a personal framework (a roadmap of action steps and coaching) to guide you in realizing your goals.

The Seven Keys not only facilitate problem solving, but also encourage self-discovery, expansion of personal boundaries and development of new skills. This system is a tested and highly effective program of personal growth. It enables you to achieve your highest potential mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Setting goals and personal coaching can make a tremendous difference in your life! Each Key consists of a minimum of four 45 minute private sessions. The Bronze Key is the foundation of the program and needs to be taken before any other Key. The order and content of the remaining Keys are tailored to realize the most effective achievement of your individual goals. You may choose to work with only one or two Keys of you may prefer the life transformation possible by integrating all Seven Keys.

Terry Brussel-Rogers and other highly qualified staff hypnotherapists are available to help you. Success Center, Inc. is training more professionals each year to use this unique system of hypnotherapy in their own practices. Develop a photo/photographic memory, mental data correlation, speed reading, effective test taking techniques and instant math intuition. Improve memory for names and faces. Anything required for better learning ability is unlocked with this Key. Learn to be inspired at will! Remove all mental blocks to effective speaking, writing and problem solving. Special talents such as art, acting, musical performance and composition. Apply your newly awakened creative skills to all areas of your life. Remove all mental or emotional blocks to your financial and business success through hypnotic age regression. Develop the skills and motivation necessary to create the career you’ve always wanted! With the Diamond Key you can effectively apply the powerful persuasive communication tools of “Neuro Linguistic Programming” for maximum success in business and career-related areas. Discover your Life Mission! Meet your Spirit Guides and Higher Self. Explore your past lives. Develop telepathy, astral projection, precognition and other special talents. Advanced option: Psychic diagnosis and the Healing Touch. Helpers and Healers, you can enhance your interpersonal communication skills.